I absolutely love shooting Fresh 48 sessions. There is something so special about being in the hospital and capturing some of those first precious moments. This session with Jennipher and her little family was no different. You might remember Jennipher from her stunning glamour maternity session that you can see here. She is just the sweetest person to be around (even after giving birth a day before!) She and her husband welcomed baby Owen into the world with a lot of love and joy.

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I first met Charia when we did her glamour maternity session. You can view her images here. She was so much fun to work with so we were even more excited to have she and her family back in the studio after baby Parker was born. Big sister Mackenzie was a doll! She definitely kept us on our toes running around with so much energy! But who wouldn’t be excited about a new baby brother?!? Baby Parker was so content during the entire session. We even got a good smile out of him.

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Who says being pregnant can’t be glamorous? Check our how stunning Charia looked in her glamour maternity session. She is beautiful on the inside and out and it shows in every single picture we took. She came in with that adorable little belly and purple highlights in her hair! She was so much fun to work with.

Benton AR Maternity PIhotographer


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I am so excited to finally share these beautiful images from Marley’s newborn session. I first met Emily and Marc in the hospital during their Fresh 48 session. I knew instantly that they were an amazing family. (and that we’d probably end up best friends 😉 )I loved getting to hear about their story of sorrow and hope. Emily and Marc have a 5 year old son, Tristan. Between he and Marley they lost 3 precious babies. Emily wanted to remember all of her children in the pictures with 3 white daisies. I absolutely loved this idea! Rainbow baby Marley is the picture of hope! While taking sibling pictures, Tristan just kept kissing baby sister. His mom said, “He just can’t help himself”. How precious is that? I was so honored to be able to photograph this sweet family.

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When should I schedule my newborn session?

Whenever you find out you are pregnant, go ahead and contact us! Once you pay your sitting fee, we will put your due date on our calendar. We know how unpredictable babies can be. But the due date gives us a good idea of when your baby might arrive so that we don’t overbooked.


How will we schedule the actual date of the newborn session?

As your due date approaches, we will be in touch quite a bit. If things progress early that’s not a problem. If baby is being stubborn and decides to go past the due date, that’s not a problem either. Once you deliver your sweet baby, you will let us know you are ready to schedule a session and we’ll go from there.

Benton Newborn Photography

When is the best time to do a newborn session?

Usually within the first 4-9 days of life. Your baby will change so much during those first few weeks…even days of life. So the sooner we can photograph your newborn the better.


Where is the session done?

We have a beautiful studio behind our house where we do all of our newborn sessions. We will send you the address when you book a session with us.


What should I bring to the session for the pictures?

We have a variety of props, wraps, bows and bonnets that we use during the session. So really the only things you need to bring with you are those things that you’ll need to take care of your baby such as diapers, wipes, pacifer, and bottle if necessary.

Benton Ar Newborn Photography

How long will the session last?

The session will last anywhere from 2-2.5 hours. Babies are beautiful models, but they are completely dependent on us to pose them. Our priority in every pose is to make sure that your baby is safe and comfortable. Sometimes it can take awhile to get your baby settled into that beautiful pose we want to photograph. They also like to eat (sometimes a lot), poop, and cry in the middle of their session. We try and let the baby guide the flow of the session while also being mindful of the time.


What should I expect during the session?

We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your baby being photographed. So hopefully you can sit back and watch us work our magic. The studio will be warm (about 80 degrees) so that your sweet baby will be comfortable. So you’ll want to make sure you are dressed comfortably. We will have bottled waters and small snacks available, but you might want to bring yourself something more to snack on.

Benton Ar photography

What happens if my baby needs to eat during the session?

No problem! We will take as many breaks as necessary to eat and change diapers. Many times if you’ve had to drive a ways in the car the baby will wake up when you get them out of the car seat and be ready to eat first thing. No worries! I love to start a session out with baby eating because then they will have a nice full belly and usually be more content.


What if my baby is fussy and cries a lot during the session?

No worries! We will do everything we can to soothe your baby. Sometimes if we just swaddle them up really well they will calm down pretty quickly. Often times it may mean you’ll want to feed more often. You may want to just sit and rock your baby for a few minutes. Whatever we need to do is fine. That’s why we give plenty of time for these sessions.


What if my baby just will NOT calm down?

If your baby just will not settle because of either a growth spurt or just a bad day (which happens!) and we’ve tried everything we can to soothe the baby, then we can always reschedule for a couple of days later. Every day is different for a newborn so it may be that the day we schedule is just not their favorite day. It’s ok! We can give it another try a couple of days later.

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How many images should I expect from a session?

My goal is to get anywhere from 15-20 amazing images. Each time we pose the baby it may take awhile to settle them down and position them correctly. I will definitely shoot way more than that to be certain we capture that perfect expression and that your baby looks just right. But my job is to cull through all of the images and find the very best ones to show you. I want to make sure you LOVE every single image that you see.


What do I get when I purchase a newborn session?

After we shoot your newborn session, we will schedule an ordering session where you will be able to purchase the images that you love. You can email me at emily@drewcason.com to get more information.

Benton Newborn Photographer


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